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Dreams Are Reality

by Icielani

Released 2016
Released 2016
Credits: (Dreams are Reality)

Primary Artist: Icielani
Composer: Bianca Garcia
Piano Performance: Bianca Garcia
Manager: Gilberto Garcia
Mixing and Recordings: Jeff Crake, Metalworks Studios
Mastering: Chris Crerar, Metalworks Studios
Lyrics (Dreams are Reality)

Ever wonder who you are from a far
If you’ll ever end up being a star
Life can take you through so many trains
Through happiness and through the pains

Listen to the angels and God above
Listen to your heart and find the love

In vision your destiny and take a swing
They say you can make through anything

Dreams, dreams, dreams are reality
As perfect as it seems
Dreams are reality

The light always comes out from the dark
Like Noah when he saved us through the Arc
Like driving through the dessert seeing Vegas lights
Appreciating life through all the fights
Nothing is perfect in what you see
Its perfecting what it is that comes to thee
A flower only grows through a seed
The garden only grows with water to feed

Dreams, dreams, dreams are reality
As perfect as it seems
Dreams, dreams are reality
Dreams are reality